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Hailey's Harp and Pub

Hailey's Dessert Menu
    MISSISSIPPI MUD PIE ...  $ 7.0-

Cappuccino mousse with our new secret chocolate topping poured into a choclate chip crust

    APPLE CRISP PIE ...  $ 7.0-

Whole pieces of granny smith apples piled high with a buttery crumb topping


Simple, elegant and timeless. When you crave a knoct-out chocolate punch in an unassuming delivery, the flourless chocolate torte is for you. Its also gluten-free, winning.

    IRISH CUSTARD ...  $ 5.0-

I love how egg custard smothers a pudding in warm, creamy lusciousness. Traditional IRISH egg custard sauce is the perfect accompaniment for so many of my favorite dishes

    CHOCOLATE CAKE ...  $ 7.0-

Our chocolate cake is piled 3 layers high and covered with our house made chcolate icing. If that wasnt enough we top it off with a layer of Hersey's dark fudge chocolate topping and cover the sides with chocolate chips.

A silky smooth, yet refreshingly light white chocolate cheese all "aswirl" with vibrant red raspberry. Hand-fired and glazed in simple elegance, yes, simple elegance.


We start with our award winning cheesecake and flavor it with Original Irish Cream, and a touch of Jamseon Whiskey