Much like a sunset cruise in the Caribbean, our night kicked off with a classic rum swizzle made with Owney's rum out of New York and Myer's dark rum, complete with a secret ingredient - Falernum (a syrup made from various herbs, juices and spices including ginger, clove and lime) - not sold in stores in the U.S. and the reason why it is so hard to reproduce the same swizzle taste you get on vacation! This refreshing drink was served with a charred broccoli and pickled onion salad topped with toasted pumpkin seeds and pancetta. The vinegar in the pickled onions was evenly matched with the nuttiness of the pumpkin seeds and the savory pancetta - a great combination of flavors! Up next was another big hit - a duck breast marinated in red wine, mirepoix and herbs, served with a potato puree and grilled garlic asparagus. The earthiness of this dish paired well with Innis & Gunn's Rum Cask Oak-Aged ale, which had a distinct maltiness, and a touch of sweetness from the sugary residue of the rum casks. Our third course turned up the heat with a spicy Mexican soup made with Gulf shrimp (shells used in the broth) red bliss potatoes, baby carrots, epazote and chiles de arbol, served (of course) with Partida Tequila, which was accompanied by plates of salt with slices of lime, orange and cinnamon-coated pineapple to choose from. The chiles de arbol gave this dish its heat and distinct Mexican flavor, and the sweetness of the red bliss potatoes was a welcome comfort! Rounding third, it was time for dessert - and in came the bunuelos! Homemade sweet tortillas with cinnamon and sugar (half tortilla, half churro!) topped with fried bananas and a condensed strawberry cream sauce, served with New York's Monkey spiced rum in iced coffee topped with homemade whipped cream. Such a great vibe in the room as people cleaned their plates and relaxed with their coffee -- a memorable summer night at Hailey's with friends. Rumor has it, there maybe be an Oktoberfest-themed dinner in the works...but you'll have to stay tuned to find out! Until next time...






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