The biggest music event at Hailey's this summer will be the BRITISH INVASION music festival to benefit the First Presbyterian Church in town! We will be helping them stock their food pantry - bring in a food item and 10% of your bill will be donated to the church by Hailey's - ALL while jamming to your favorite tunes from the British invasion era!!

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Dog Days of Summer

June 2017 Beer Senate Blackboard

This past Tuesday, we held the last beer senate before our summer hiatus. The weather was in tune with our “Dog Days of Summer” theme, the only cure: a cold one with the boys (and girls) at Haileys. All of our beers were dog-themed, and our food was a nice surprise of Asian Classics.

Beer Senate May 2017

May 2017 Beer Senate Blackboard

It's hard to decide which I love more, beer, or my home state of NJ. Luckily enough, the pub shares my dilemma, and thus the May Beer Senate became the “Garden State Brew” senate.

Click here to read an awesome article on our March Beer Senate, written by a very dear and knowledgeable friend of ours - the one and only PubScout!

Hailey’s February Beer Senate landed on Valentine’s Day this year, which was no coincidence at all, as we all know true love resides in the love of beer. The “Love vs. Hate” Senate, just like any relationship, started strong

The Traditional Irish music  is a full body experience: the upbeat tempos compel you to dance a jig, clap your hands and join in. And that's what trad music is all about, sititng in and having the craic (fun). CLAN SWEENEY AT 7.  Remember to wear GREEN for 10% off your bill.



Well, I admit it, I am starting to get excited about posting. I will try to capture the pearls of wisdom flowing through my veins and onto the interweb.

I am however looking forward to "HAILEY'S IRISH HERITAGE WEEK” or (IHW) as we so fondly call it in the PUB. When mid-Febraury rolls around, we know soon so will the "IHW." To those who do not know what the IHW is, let me explain.

Happy 2017! Or shall we say Hoppy? With hopeful,wide eyes, we entered 2017, and in the true Hailey’s nature we welcomed the year with our first beer senate! January’s theme “New Year-New Beer- New Jersey” placed focus on our own Garden State breweries! Can we all say Jersey pride? Logo

The traditional Irish brunch incites memories of meals in kitchens that smell of freshly-cooked meats, fried vegetables and baked soda bread. Paired with some amazing libations, Sunday brunch is a way to Irish through the day! (Starts January 29th and continues every Sunday thereafter). Live irish music of Ken Trotta from 12-2

Irish Brunch

Yuengling Beer goes well with so many foods, but perhaps one of the best pairings is Yuengs and Wings! Yuengs and Wings is an amazing event where a frosty yuengling is paired with our own in house wing specials all for $8 from 6pm to close.


It's time for our first Wine & Design of the new year! We will be painting a lovely winter barn scene (as pictured) with ALL materials provided by the artist for a price of $40/person which includes dinner. Tickets can be purchased at the link provided -- sells out fast so don't wait!

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