In recent times however, there has been a revolution in the beer world. Brewers all around the globe have started bucking the trend of just making “beer” and have turned the beer business on its head, coming up with crazy flavors and infusing our favorite cold beverage with everything from jalapenos to peanut butter. Can the David’s of the Beer World take on Goliath’s?

The Craft Beer business has been a growing phenomenon, which sees no end in sight. In 2012, the Craft Beer market share was at 6.5%, in 2013 it was 7.8%, and in 2014 jumped up to 11%. This just shows how much of an impact craft beer is having on the American palette.  New breweries are popping up every week, and dominate the American beer market. More than 3,400 U.S. breweries operated for some or all of 2014, 99% of which were small or independent craft brewers as defined by the Brewers Association. Craft Beer is making its presence felt in bars and liquor stores across the country.

One of the biggest advantages of drinking craft beer is the abundance of flavors for your mouth to enjoy. There are so many choices and different styles of beer you’re almost doing your taste-buds a disservice by having just a regular light beer. Craft breweries are constantly challenging themselves and their competition to have something different and unique, which in turn, ups the quality of their products.  Pairing food with something to drink doesn’t only work with wine anymore; you can now find a beer that will really compliment whatever you’re eating pretty much anywhere you go.

People are always going to drink one of the Big 3; it’s a reason why they’ve been so successful for so long. However, in the land of revolution and free thinking, craft breweries have decided to challenge the system and really expand everyone’s thoughts on what makes a great beer. Here at Hailey’s, while we still have Bud Light and Miller Lite on draft, as well as domestics in bottles, we have 12 taps dedicated to the growing world of craft beer. With a constant rotation of new beers from around the country, and the globe, we hope to give you just a sample of the great stuff that’s out there, not just the beers that have funny commercials.

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